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A New Challenger Approaches

It’s been a little time since I’ve been active, for good reasons I promise! I have a lot going on behind the curtains. But forget all that! This is NOT a FRANK N. STEIN post. (fifth issue is around the corner) People may have heard a bit about this “side project” I was working on for the past few months. Well, […]

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Logs of the Hunter: Part One

If you’ve been reading anything I’ve written in the past or at least spoken to me just once, you know that I have some big plans for FRANK N. STEIN. I hope to create a thriving world within the pages of FNS but I’ve always planned for more than just the central story. I’ve decided to begin my first small […]

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Zombies? Seriously??

Zombies are today’s vampires. These un-dead dudes literally find a way into all aspects of media, even, dare I say, everyday life conversations. You would be lying if you’d said you never had or at least pondered the what if’s of the zombie apocalypse. If by some unimaginative chance you hadn’t, then I’d say you’re missing out. Some of the most interesting […]

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Operation: Asbury Park Comic Con!!!

Good Day my good people! This past Saturday marked an eventful milestone in my life as I attended my very first convention as an exhibitor. I am happy to report that the convention turned out to be quite the success. By no means did I plan on breaking into this convention with open arms, lovingly accepting this piece of work I’ve created. And […]