A New Challenger Approaches

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It’s been a little time since I’ve been active, for good reasons I promise! I have a lot going on behind the curtains.


But forget all that! This is NOT a FRANK N. STEIN post. (fifth issue is around the corner)

People may have heard a bit about this “side project” I was working on for the past few months. Well, things….. evolved? What started out as something small and fun has become something laboriously epic and awesome. My very good buddy, Damon and I have collaborated for the first time and I think we’ve become something of a wrecking crew. Shit just worked, nah mean? And thus, Pound of Flesh was created.

I wrote Pound of Flesh as a short, one shot story. It was simple, to the point and a shit load of fun. I always said I would never write a superhero story unless it was something else, something more than just a simple superhero theme. While absolutely planning on seeing this project see the light of day, I just didn’t see myself as being the artist. I wanted this to be my first collaboration in the comic world.

Enter Damon

Damon just got back in town and I asked him to be the artist and join me on my crusade, fully knowing he was the right guy for this story. Being his first time ever working on a comic he took a second to find his ground and then rocked it the entire rest of the way. And somehow, along our path we took my simple story and amplified it to something much greater. Becoming a second love of mine Pound of Flesh is OUR story. A story that two kids from high school would be happy to know their future adult counterparts have created. 

Truth is, we don’t plan on stopping here, we’ve got more to tell and more to draw. Now just to find an audience.  

Logs of the Hunter: Part One

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If you’ve been reading anything I’ve written in the past or at least spoken to me just once, you know that I have some big plans for FRANK N. STEIN. I hope to create a thriving world within the pages of FNS but I’ve always planned for more than just the central story. I’ve decided to begin my first small side story that will be presented in the form of short stories. There will be some connections to the central story but for the most part this is a stand alone short story. I hope you enjoy it!

Logs of the Hunter: Part One

Remain steady. Breathe as if one with the air. Focus, embrace the target. Let its movements become my own as I predict each step, each stumble and each unaware notion that keep it ignorant of my stalking. I know nothing of this person’s past yet my continued gaze upon him allows me to become synced and one with his body language. With his movement I can practically read exactly who this person is, leaving behind a trail of information for me to decipher how best to end his existence. I believe there is a particular relationship shared between the hunter and the prey, one that I was taught to respect immensely.

As I reach for my arrow I take not an eye off my prey, never allowing my synced eye to fall from its now subconscious flow. Lining up the arrow to the bow I can practically already feel the arrow slide across the fine wood, plummeting itself deep into the man’s heart. He would take one final breath then begin his decent towards the ground, during which, his life will have already ended. I would then withdraw from my nest and reclaim the item I will be paid so generously for. A plan that requires me only to begin the moment the man takes yet a slight step towards his right.

Yet, the man takes the step and my arrow hesitates. A young boy exits the tent behind the man who still yet breathes. Evidently littered with sickness, the boy is coughing and hacking up fluids as they exit his mouth. Barely clinging to life the boy pushes his body towards the man. The man kneels down and takes the boy into his arms with a warm embrace. The man looks at the boy with yet another look I am aware of, impending sorrow.

…I will draw no blood this day.


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The trailer of the FRANK N. STEIN comic. This visual depiction is my best way to tell you what my story is about. Where my words cannot reach. Watch the trailer and become seduced within this horrific and fantastical world.

The tip of the iceberg

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Recently at a convention, someone asked me how long I’ve been working on my comic. I hesitated when the realization hit me, I’ve been doing this for about a year now. Around this time last year I was conceptualizing and working out the story and main characters. During that time was when I had decided that I was going to make this what defines me and my career as an artist and story teller. I am/was a stubborn person who refused to settle into the 9-5 grind without my own say in what I was doing. There was an urge to finally take the ideas in my head and bring them about into reality. I acknowledged and embraced my ignorance with my “lay it all on the line” like attitude. I kept thinking I couldn’t wait to see where I was going to be in a year, as I felt that would have been a tough year to get through being the beginning of it all. The pressure of learning how to do everything involved with the creation, execution, marketing, ect was intense. There’s no doubt I undoubtedly made my fair share of mistakes. But here I am a year later and a year wiser (sort of). I’ve gained a lot of experience within that first year and it’s pretty awesome. I will forever be amazed at how much we are able to grow within a particular trade from constant dedication and practice. I am going to conventions regularly beside so many extremely talented people all hoping to share their dreams with any interested taker. I’ve just currently finished my fourth issue and couldn’t be happier with the direction the comic is going. I’m getting fantastic feedback and love it when someone is genuinely interested. While starting this new issue I’m also going to really look into getting FRANK N. STEIN more exposure. Telling this story is ALL i want to do and I plan on stopping at nothing till I get that privilege.

And well, because at the end of the day even with my own insecurities, I believe in myself entirely.

fns anni

Zombies? Seriously??

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Zombies are today’s vampires. These un-dead dudes literally find a way into all aspects of media, even, dare I say, everyday life conversations. You would be lying if you’d said you never had or at least pondered the what if’s of the zombie apocalypse. If by some unimaginative chance you hadn’t, then I’d say you’re missing out. Some of the most interesting conversations I have had begun with, “Okay so like z-day finally comes and your girlfriend gets bit and is on the verge of turning. Would you like… kill her or search for a cure?” And so begins the storm of who is either becoming the ultimate zombie killing bad ass or the z-survivalist whom rebuilds mankind in their own vision.

Hang on! I’m straying from my point! Basically, this is why I made the bold yet risky decision to manifest a story with zombies.

If you know me personally then perhaps it’s much more obvious. Horror is my first love. I was raised on it. The genre was my family’s fuel and we never could get enough of it. From the beginning zombies were my favorite in all the horror world. Mainly because they scared the living hell out of me. Something about the lifeless blank stare as they unemotionally stumbled their way to you and tore through your flesh like it was play-do. This childhood fearful petrification eventually turned into a fascination as I scoured the land in search of every hidden zombie gem ever created. Suffice to say, most of it sucked really bad. But they left me inspired.

So you have an idea for a story and are ready to begin the difficult adventure of beginning to put it together. What should you avoid to be certain of retaining absolute originality? That’s easy! You should avoid what most people are probably sick as hell of! And that my friends is zombies. Even I am sick as hell of them. And yet I created a story WITH zombies!? Why!? Well that’s an easy one, too. Because I promised to stay true to myself and tell a story that I wanted to tell, regardless of what most people would consider entirely exhausted.

I just hope people can look past the fact and see that there is A LOT more to FRANK N. STEIN than being a simple common zombie story. The plans I have for this story transcends such a thought. This is a story about a man’s struggle to survive in a very violent world and the person he will have to become in such harsh conditions. Think of the zombies as the cherry to this pretty cool pie I’ve baked for you fine people. =)

Operation: Asbury Park Comic Con!!!

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Good Day my good people!

This past Saturday marked an eventful milestone in my life as I attended my very first convention as an exhibitor. I am happy to report that the convention turned out to be quite the success. By no means did I plan on breaking into this convention with open arms, lovingly accepting this piece of work I’ve created. And yet I felt an overwhelming gratitude upon the reception of Frank N. Stein by all you wonderful people who stopped by and decided to check out this no-namer. Like many artists out there I suffer from an occasional condition of self doubt. The moment I walked into the convention I couldn’t help but think, “Holy shit, what am I doing here? Are people really going to stop by my table and willingly pay for a copy of this story?” But, many of you did. And for that, I say from the bottom of my heart,  “thank you“. My hope is that when you took home this comic you were able to immerse yourself into my world, enabling you to partake in my vision and begin this journey with me.

On another note, issues 1 & 2 are now available through my website, if you look to your right, you’ll take notice of the images of the issues underneath a button that reads, “Buy now“. Through Paypal you will be able to purchase each issue. If you don’t have a Paypal account, it’s not difficult to set one up for yourself and would be a good idea because many sites nowadays use Paypal as well. Please let me know if you’d like anything signed, as I would be more than honored to oblige.


Thanks again everyone!!

Chapter Three – The Human Vestige

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Today, Frank N. Stein had it’s third issue go live!!! I hope everyone enjoys it! This issue is beginning to bring the story towards it’s first arc, where you’ll really get a taste of the world of Frank N. Stein. The first two issues were also one giant adrenaline rush so it was nice to slow things up a bit and let our wandering protagonist get a chance to finally stop and think about what’s going on rather than simply reacting to what’s brought upon him.

My very first convention is coming up in one week! I’m so excited to be among the indie comic community as a fellow creator and show the world my pride and joy.  I’ve finally received all my prints and promotional stuff so I can stop stressing out now.

And. Well, time to start the fourth issue. Nothing makes me happier than to tell this story, I’ve got plenty of things planned and wish I could deliver 10 issues all at once. But. That’s just not humanly possible.

Issue 03 Cover


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